Tis a time since we spoke, since we channeled for the book of frequencies and love evolving which has in recent months, changed namess a few times and also merged with the divining me energy..
This is becuase of the shifts evolving in the life and times of the channeler.. ShirleySienna..
Like all of you , an ordinary human life, which in itself is therefore ,..extroirdinary..just being alive, or as the BeeGees proclaimed, 'Stayin' Alive' some times is a 'feat', in itself !

W...e are from many places, for a channel is never alone, never just one form of communication for it takes many realms to interact , connect and divine the information to your human receiver receptors, quite a business it is...
Often you will be advised of or feel connected to one transmitter.. one being, .. you may refer to as a guide or as the channel from which you recieve, as one entity, but that entity, is the final connection between you and many..

Our consciousness decreess, that the truth of one ness, is that the many are one glorious unified beacons of universal light and truth that come together in a 'harmonic convergence' of incoded perspective that is able to resonate via a human channel that can give sound to our 'clarion call'.

As you grow and develop ,becoming more spiritually aware, or basically remembering and reconnecting to yourself as a whole being, of universal orientation, often so grows the list of those whom channel via your instrument, ( your living human vessell is the instrument) .. however the list has not actaully grown, it is just you realising whom you were connected to that you ( and often them as well) had not understood you were connected to and working with until a certain point in time.

Now , we get to the point of the matter, its about time .. isnt it ?
You can imagine quiet easily that you are channeling beings from the astral spirit planes, and some of you realise from beyond that dimension, and from many dimensions realms galaxies possiblities, as we see you on earth, conveying this and aknowledging this..

Did you realise you are also channeling each other ?
Whilst you are both alive, incarnate still . .and then that bond, is often realised more so , after one passes, disincarnates..

This is true.

Whilst both living there is often an intermediatry channel, that is transmitting to you both , connecting you for the time when one will pass, and the one then living will be the 'trumpet of truths'.

Think about this.. think about whom you may be a channeling conduit with , and what is or has evolved..

The point is . do not discount , do not doubt, that you as a race of beings of HUman filtration are disconnected from each other in any way shape or form, you are all channeling each other in some way, for there is only oneness, and you all feel each others joy and each others pain.

This is the whole point of the world on which you live

Frequencies from the Pleiade's and Transmissions in Time

For quite some years now, I have been 'downloaded' with, and channeling , instreaming information and recieving teachings, from what I can only call , emissaries of light, and star people.

At the same time, there are mentors, now in the spirit world, having passed from the earth plane, whom also choose to utilse my mediumship skills, and also pass to me information and teachings that are for my personal journey, and to be shared.

This has now culminated in more than one project.

One Im sharing here, at the moment, is from the facebook page, and I will share the chanellings.

I will also explain , a dream many years ago, whilst on holiday in Perth, Australia, I had a dream .

In this dream I was sitting in a cane chair, actually similar to one I have now, but did not at the time own.

I was seated on this chair, in a room, otherwise empty, the door opened and in walked 3 beings.

One long, tall, and very blue.

One middle sized, wearing only what I can best describe as a mexican poncho and sombrero, , so I could not see any body shape, colour or facial features, and the 3rd, was feminine, appearing so .. dressed, almost , like a nun, with a lot of blue energy around her, once again, I could not detail and features with her.

They did not approach me, merely opened and walked in and stood together and smiled at me.

I was very overwhelmed, and in awe, but not afraid.

I knew these were universeal beings, of high order, and came to introduce themselves to me as guide/guardians.

I didnt know then, if there were newly coming to work with me, or were merely taking that moment, to make themselves known, and had been with me up to that point.

I know now, they have been with me, all my life, and in some way shape or form, have revealed themselved since, so that I realise, who they are, which is the same as who I knew, but did not reveal themselves in the same image , until the time was right.

On returning, home from that holiday, I went to a crystal shop, where i frequented, and had space to hang my own art, and was involved in events at the shop, which eventually led to me renting the rooms behind, as a wellbeing centre, and eventually also renting the front shop when the current owners, decided to move.

.. but, on this day, I went into buy a crystal, having been phoned, and asked to come look see, as the proprieter, had something she felt was for me.

A seers crystal, highly polished smokey quartz, for scrying, and she was' told' by spirit, that it was for me, and she took a photo and it come out , which a funny blue colour al over it.

I went in, and loved the crystal and agreed to buy it, seeing the photo, when I arrived home, I decided to take one myself, so with my phone, took a photo.

What came out, was an image of the 3 beings, I had seen in my dream in Perth, with a fair amount of blue energy .

A few years ago, my personal guide and guardianspirit, LW, whom has I know been with me in this life, and past lives, and is very much connected to me in the sense that we are of one higher, more faceted soul vibration, and has always appeared to me, as  Native American in form and dress, I assume as this was a past life, he has spoken and taught and revelaled to me, that he guided me in, so took this form, and has always said to me that 'he has never walked the earth plane'.

well, he revealed to me, that he in fact is the long tall blue male looking being, in the dream and photo.. arcturian by nature, and of course then i realised, why he has always said he never walked the earth plane, i am and have been his earth counterpart, in the lives i have experienced here.. albeit however reincarnation works.. facets of myself.

The other two beings, well, I know the feminine, she has reveled to me, some years back when I was inspired to channel a spirit pastel, drawing, and realised i drew her, also she has been seen, in form, by my mentors, but not as she is in the photo, she appears differently, but is of the same energy, she  I believe holds the pleiadean vibration to and for me, yet her own star system, is far far far more interdimensional and of a greater distance than the pleiades themselves.

The 3rd being, I know little about, I feel he has walked the earth, and connects me to this place, yet, is of the stars himself, .. he is i feel connected to a very ancient peruvian life, or there abouts.. that is how i feel about him.. more i cannot say.. yet :)

In this photo there is one strange thing, a face within the folds of the gown of the 'blue nun', the feminine aspect, and the face, is very similar to my own...

It is these 3 guides, with many from the earth plane, now departed, and also a being whom names himself as Galactatron, and has shown me what he looks like, which is almost best described, of a skeletal, insect x human x et like being.

Galactatron, is quite apt at merging his energy with my own, when in meditation for trance, and his energy is quite interesting, and defiinitive to say the least,and he is connected, to the fleet, to the federation, to the command system of interplanetary integration systems. ( galaxy universe) .

I will not mention the earthly passed, to spirit beings, whom are working with me, at this time.

but as a professional medium, evidence of survival and proof of the existence of them as they are in spirit, is necessary and they give me this, with no doubt at all.

The book of love, frequencies, and transmissions in time.. is EVOLVING, EVOLUTION AND the PleiadeANGELS, as 'they' refer to themselves, have a wonderful time streaming in the information, which is often ryhmed and reasoned, .. in verse, transverse, and universe.

They are aligned with the energy of the crystal skull collective, which i have worked with now for some years, also, .. timeing is of the essence, for not until we are ready, does each aspect unfold.

I give thanks for the marvelous journey thus far, and will enjoy sharing 'some' but not all of it here with you.


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