Crystal, Cards and Spirit

A modest range of Oracle and Tarot cards, Crystals and Skulls, Crystal Skull Message card books, and a psychic, spiritual, metaphysical books, cd's, and 'things' available.

ShirleySienna at Divining Me is a Preferred Supplier for Sharon Lynn's Oracle decks, Books and all things Skully!  I import them and am able to post them out around Australia.

II have been well known for a long time in the world of crsytal skull caretakers, here in Australia and Internationally, and shared much and many skulls and the Activation Wisdom that they embed within them.

It is time for Earth to be recognised fully, for her Garden of Eden to present itself with least plunder and I encourage the movement, selling and swapping of pre loved and Artisian carved Crystals and Skulls

'ShirleySienna's Little Shoppe', is incorporated into my life and work and 

Gift Vouchers Available for Readings, Consults and Sessions.

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