28. Jan, 2017



I myself havnt written, in depth for some time, as my personal life has been going through upheavel , change, amazingness , and love.
Love is the key, I am loving myself and therfore loving everyone around me.
I am loving the change, the trauma, the hurt and entanglement.
I am loving the entaglement of emotion and interaction.
I am loving the fact that I am consciously seeing so many perspectives of life unfolding, for all the people involved in my little circle of personal entwinement, and the walk we are taking through the Labrynth of Life, which is multifacted, multidimensional and multifantastic.

Having made a Sea-Change to the divine and wonderful Port of Hastings, and therfore shifting between the sea and, the just as beautiful Yarra Valley, I find myself finding myself, the Me , Myself and I self, as this is my first venture on my aLONEsome.

aLONEsome meaning without either a husband or children with me, just me ( and welcome guests) waking , sleeping, doing and being.

Moving out of home at 18, giving birth at 19 and spreading my birthing years, over 18 years means, my youngest is not yet 19 and at 56 this little ( big) journey is the first on my true aLONEsome.

The opportunity came to spread my crumpled wings and take flight, an hour from home and discover the beauty of waking up to a sea view and listening to the sound of the masts of yachts 'clinking' in the wind, like chimes.. I adore it.

Traveling to the Yarra Valley for my radio show(s) and family obligations and life, and back to Hastings, to revel , swim, walk, talk, meet and discover is the epitomy of what a new year and new cycle of time can hold for me as a human .

As a HUman however, I see the direction of galactic unfoldment, cosmic consciousness and universal development and soul address, is at a pivotal point and all roads, leading to ROME ( more) are like motorised viewing platforms, taking me along regardless of my simultaneously confused , bewildered, excited , happy and somewhat tired but exhaulted self.

So , what does this mean, this 2017 year for YOU ?
It means, the same as it does for me, the keys to understanding, to experience, to freedom , to choice, to love, and life and galactic consciousness.

2017 is not only a new beginning , ONE numeric vibrational year, but also a brand new cycle, coming in now from the 2012 ending and beginning cycle that was honoured and forseen, by the Maya ( human/galactic) and the visionary in us all , in some small way, consciously , and sub and unconcsiously.. all is one and one is all.

This year, there are many facets, to the keys to your development, and you many envision/invision it as a baby key ring, to play with , chew on and rattle, and over the months and moons of this year, you will see, there will be no avoiding the seeing,

The only avoiding, will be the choosing to partake, admit and aknowledge.
To your own detriment , will this be Karmically , and Cosmically, in this lifetime, you may hardly notice, or you may notice hardly.

I am writing, developing, and consciously journeying, into my higher consciousness and galactic form.
My personal form, is Electric Avatar, my archetype of galactic human consiousness and being.
This is the higher form of my codex of Blue Electric Hand kin 107.

I am indexed and aware of this, I am aware of much, I have been for most of my life, I 'woke up' quite early, or maybe I was 'born awake'.

'Waking Up', however, doesnt mean one knows everything, or anything, its just being awake and able .. and each of us has a different journey to experience with highlights of joys and difficulties encoded, and blueprinted into the personal programme that is inbedded and inbuilt into your divine plan, you divine symmetry, the symmetry of your soul.

Being awake, entails the seeing on many levels, whilst your are , even perhpas at your 'lowest' point and realising that there is a gift in each lesson, and raising of the vibration and freqency of your consciousness of your whole being, from the ebbs, flows, and highs and lows , stumblings, and knowing that every thing you are going through is a many leveled, tiered cake made from scratch, mixed, and baked ready to be eaten, tasted and tried, whether you like the taste, whether you want to spit it out, its all there for a reason.

Comes a certain point, where it ALL makes sense, and the pivotal point is the merry go round, that stops when you are ready to get off and move forward on the path of light, rather than mullying around and around on the path of dimness.

The first half of 2017 will take us through the 2nd half of the galactic year of kin 219 Spectral Storm, which is coded to allow us to clear the decks, swab, mop and skid, in order to find our liberation, freedom and flight.

People think they know me , they do not.
People think they know you, they do not.

We do not yet know ourselves, but this is the year for introductions.

ShirleySienna kin 107 Blue Electric Hand,

Day of kin 145 Lunar Serpent.

I polarise in order to survive
stabilising instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of navigation.

(Second day of the Yellow Seed Wavespell
Power of Flowering)

(Photo sourced from the Galactic Spacebook forum)

Much love to Stephanie South, ( kin 185 Electric Serpent) my dear friend and Red Queen , constantly searching, sharing and holding space for the children of OMA..

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